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Synergía and the OAS LGBTTTI Coalition write to authorities of the Inter-American Human Rights System requesting their statement on human rights abuses generated by the measures taken by governments in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.

As it has been known for more than a month, humanity is facing one of the most challenging threats in recent years in the face of the spread of COVID-19. The insidious ease of its transmission has forced governments to create and implement strategies aimed at blunting the force and reducing the speed with which it has infected countless people around the world.

These policies, while aimed at reducing infections, have also dangerous consequences for various social groups. Women’s rights and feminist groups have warned about the likely increment of domestic violence against women, the lack of access to goods and services, including those essential for living, for individuals employed in the informal sector, the particularly serious risks experienced by people experiencing homelessness and those deprived of liberty, among many others. In this letter Synergía and its partners request a statement about issues that particularly trans or non-binary people are experiencing:

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