Through our partnerships, Synergía seeks to catalyze the efforts of local movements in their work to protect and promote the human rights of those who are most exposed to violence and discrimination.

We offer our partners opportunities for capacity strengthening support, funding, and strategic guidance so that they are better positioned to advance positive long-term change.

These partnerships are grounded in a rights based approach whereby those affected by the human rights violations and abuses we seek to address are those who hold decision making power in the design, implementation, and evaluation of our joint work.


Anchor partners are those organizations with whom we work to strengthen more nascent activists and organizations within our focal regions.​ By partnering with all these anchor organizations, we are better positioned to localize our support to the specific needs of the movements in each region.


Targeted partners are organizations with whom we work to achieve specific social, legal, and policy outcomes.​ While our partners define the outcomes they wish to achieve, we tailor our capacity strengthening support, funding, and strategic guidance to the achievement of these outcomes.


Working within networks - both formal and informal - allows us to better coordinate, supplement, and learn from other organizations that are advancing shared goals. Our participation in networks is based on the need and our ability for our work to add value to these joint efforts.

Our Promise

Why some partner information is limited.

The majority of our partners are activists and organizations working in contexts categorized by extreme hostility towards the human rights work we support. While we prioritize the visibility of our partners wherever possible, we balance this visibility with the potential risks it carries. 

In managing this balance between visibility and associated risks, we rely on our partners to determine how and when they choose to identify themselves as a Synergía partner. As such, we do not publish partner information on our website, allowing partners to highlight our collaboration within their own digital presence.

How We Work With Our Partners

Our partnerships are grounded in Synergía's ability to add value in these relationships - both through our areas of work and through the types of support we offer. As the needs of our partners evolve over time, we evaluate our ongoing contributions to each partnership and adapt the support we provide based on these evolving needs. In instances where our support is no longer needed, we work with our partners to transition our relationship into one that is independent our direct support. In these cases, we remain available to our partners in the event they identify future opportunities in which we can provide direct support.

How to partner

We rely on our staff based in our target regions and existing partners in over 50 countries to identify and connect us to new activists and organizations with whom new partnerships can be developed.

As we prefer to form long-term collaborations with our partners, we cultivate these relationships over time to ensure that any joint programming we develop both advances Synergía’s organizational vision and mission, as well as responds to the specific contexts, needs, and opportunities that have been identified.

While we strongly prefer to identify partnerships through the aforementioned channels, in limited instances we can consider new partnerships from activists and organizations who believe our work can add value to their own human rights advocacy.

If you have identified such an opportunity, please feel free to contact us here.