Protecting human rights is

our collective responsibility

Synergía – Initiatives for Human Rights envisions a world in which all people enjoy their full range of human rights, free from violence and discrimination. 

To achieve this reality, our work seeks to protect and promote the human rights of all people – especially whose rights are most frequently and egregiously violated.


Browse our materials. In our work, we have developed a range of reports, guides, and other documents that can be used to advance human rights advocacy.


Support our work. With your contribution - large or small - you can support Synergía and our partners' efforts to address the daily forms of violence and discrimination faced by individuals and communities around the world.


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Our Partnerships

Synergía’s work is grounded in partnerships with local, regional, international organizations, and human rights movements.

Through these partnerships, we seek to ground our work in collaborations that acknowledge those most affected by human rights violations and abusers are those that define those needs that are most pressing and decide on hose strategies that will be most effective in addressing them.