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ACHPR Civil Society Organisations’ Side Events (ACSE) closing with plenary featuring the new Commissioners.

ISLA, AMSHeR and Synergía hosted the first virtual session of the ACHPR Civil Society Organisations’ Side Events (ACSE).

The two-week webinar series took place from 21 September until 2 October 2020, with a total of 21 webinars hosted in parallel on Zoom and GoToWebinar. All sessions were open to the public, free of charge and in some cases offered simultaneous interpretation services for French and Spanish speaking participants. Over 500 people participated in the online seminars, workshops, plenaries and member meetings. As in previous sessions since 2012, ACSE has managed to successfully engage a global community that remains committed to advocating for the independence, transparency and effectiveness of the African Commission.

The closing session hosted a plenary with the new Commissioners who were sworn in in June 2020: Marie Louise Abomo, Alexia Amesbury, Ndiamé Gaye, Mudford Z. Mwandenga joined the Vice-Chairperson of the African Commission Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, prof. Frans Viljoen of the Center of Human Rights of the University of Pretoria and human rights defenders from the continent to introduce themselves and share with participants their views on the future of the African Commission.

Click here to see the closing session.

Most side events are available on the ACSE YouTube channel.