Synergía – Initiatives for Human Rights Stichting

Our main goal is to achieve a world in which all people enjoy their full range of human rights, free from violence and discrimination. To achieve this reality, our work seeks to protect and promote the human rights of all people – especially whose rights are most frequently and egregiously violated.

Our activities

Synergía’s work centers on ensuring human rights movements have the necessary capacity, funding, and strategic input to address the most pressing needs. Synergía provides this support across three thematic areas: movement strengthening, security and protections, and human rights advocacy. Click here for more information on our activities that make up Synergía’s programmatic plan.

Our people

The Synergía team is based across Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, and the United States of America and carries over 75 years’ collective experience in advancing human rights movements around the world. Click here for more information on our team – both staff and our board of directors.

Our location

Synergía – Initiatives for Human Rights Stichting
Tax identification number: 8616.44.633

Tussen de Bogen 50
1013 JB, Amsterdam, North Holland

+31 (0) 657 01 54 59

Support Our Work

Your support will further our work by offering flexible resources that will be used to advance our provision of capacity strengthening, funding, and strategic guidance to our partners. The flexibility of this support is vital when there is an opportunity to take advantage of a quickly emerging opportunity or when responding to an emerging crisis. This ultimately creates more adaptive and resilient movements that are necessary to ensure human rights for all.